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LAXTRON was founded in 2005 by a group of professionals and investors with ample experience in the renewable energies sector, with a business plan, a structure and an organization to guarantee its development and expansion in a long term basis. Also, LAXTRON presents a solid structure that looks for excellence in terms of quality and ethics.

Our goal is the development, promotion and running of renewable energies projects on a large scale. We develop the projects by ourselves or working with wide renown partners.

Equally important to us is the selection of our providers, which follows strict quality and reliability criteria, with special agreements in a middle term when supplies are critical. All our subcontracts rely on companies of renown experience, with proven quality performance. The combination of these factors makes us a leading team.

Our activity focuses, mainly, on four fields:

Our directors and employees possess ample experience in different business sectors, specially in renewable energies. Their working experience with some of the most important companies in Spain, their participation in the foundation of companies that today are strong references and their undeniable working spirit and analysis skills are the key factors for LAXTRON to make the real difference in the projects undertook.

This group of professionals is supported by an expert team of consultants in all the functional areas related to LAXTRON activities: Technical Management, Human Resources, Finances, Legal Advisory...

We are a serious company, ambitious in our goals, and we want to give our projects the maximum standards in terms of quality and ethical commitment.


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